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And other technical Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of software is needed to view the virtual tours you create?
All software needed to use our virtual tours on your website in a variety of ways is included with the licensing of the images. We offer a variety of options. Our main virtual reality image viewer is written in Flash. Your users will need to have the flash browser plugin (free download) installed to view it, most (95%+) users already have this common tool installed. We also offer options for QuickTime and HTML 5 browsers such as the iPhone and iPad versions of Safari. 
How do I use the virtual tour on my site?
The virtual tours are set up to easily be integrated similar to any image on your site. We can work with your web developers to integrate the look and feel of your site into the tours, and we can help them use them in a variety of creative ways.
What if I don't have a web developer or designer?
We have technical experts who can help integrate our virtual tours with your site. We can do everything from simply installing the tour on your server so you can make a simple link to it, to custom integration with your existing site. We even provide hosting options for you so you don't need to install the tour on your server at all if you prefer.
Do you offer hosting for the virtual tours you shoot?
Absolutely! We have space on our dedicated servers available for hosting virtual tours of your business or campus. The tours can still be integrated into your site in a variety of ways, but all hosting and updates can be done without changes to your primary web server.
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Call 1-805-453-6559 or contact us! We would be happy to discuss your project.


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