Basset Hounds - The Anniversary Litter

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a Basset Hound! Today, July 23 2011, we had the great privilege of escorting this beautiful family of Basset babies to Daphneyland in Acton. It seems Mom (Rosie) and her companions, Zoe (named after our own girl) and another beautiful blue Basset boy wound up as strays at the Camerillo shelter in Ventura California. The day after they hit the shelter, Rosie gave birth to a beautiful litter. Rosie was not able to nurse them at first, so Zoe stepped in to help out. Six days later is where we came in, with our big Basset mobile (my Jeep) to spring them from the county shelter and take them to a safe place, Daphneyland Basset Hound rescue in Acton, north east of LA. The pups don't even have their eyes open, but they were still able to find their way around.

If anyone would like a print of these beautiful hounds 100% of the purchase price will go to Daphneyland Basset Hound Rescue to help take care of the 100+ hounds in their care.

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