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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Courthouse Bell
Thanks to my parents, I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of beautiful places, but few compare to Santa Barbara. If you like the architecture with the red tile roofs and the houses in the hills, or the California beach city atmosphere you'll find something to enjoy in this gallery.

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Santa Barbara Harbor   •   Stearns Wharf

Mission Santa Barbara   •   Santa Barbara County Courthouse

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Food Photography

Savoy Muffin
Food photography is a favorite subject of mine. Working with any other artist is a particular challenge for a photographer and good chefs are certainly among my favorite artists. Being able to translate their creation into an image that will make peoples' mouths water while still remaining true to their vision is a very rewarding challenge.

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Restaurant Photography

Savoy Truffles Exterior
One of the reasons people enjoy a nice restaurant, or any getaway, is the atmosphere. Paring great food with a relaxing environment is the start of something special. The challenge, of course, is to let people know about your unique culinary experience. After seeing the ad created from the image at the left, a patron told the owner of the restaurant "It looked so beautiful, I just had to come in and try it!"

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One of my favorite things about architectural photography is the details. I can spend hours taking photos of a beautiful building only to come back a few days later and see something from a different angle that is completely unique. The experience is particularly pronounced with the old spanish architecture in California. The details of the stone work of some of the older buildings can only be described as fine sculpture. I especially appreciate the stone work of the Santa Barbara county courthouse after taking with the grand-daughter of one of the craftsmen who contributed to the stone work. One of my photos elicited the story of her grandfather's creativity and how the Courthouse and now my photos always reminded her of him. Now they remind me too.

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Humboldt Lily
The natural beauty all around us can be breathtaking if you stop to look. Not only the beauty of the flower, but the amazing mathematical precision of the seemingly random way it is put together. This beauty I can not take credit for creating, I can only do my best to capture the amazing artistry that is so easily taken for granted by us in our busy lives!

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The changing landscape through the seasons never ceases to amaze me. The same spot that is nice in the summer, may be completely breathtaking in the winter. Some days when the clouds are just right you can capture wonderful images in spots you may have dismissed on other days. Unlike the smaller scale of some of my other undertakings, you are the most at the mercy of the elements when you are looking for a truly great landscape shot. I can light a flower, or even a fairly large building. But when it comes to landscapes I am powerless to control the lighting. However what I lack in control, I try to make up for in attentiveness. There are certain days when a particular kind of cloud is in the sky, that I will keep my camera close all day just waiting for the magic moments.

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People photography is a completely different kind of project. There are many technical aspects, just like any other photo shoot. But gettting a good image of a person is just as much about getting to know that person and finding a way to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. The misconception is that people don't like to have their pictures taken. In reality, they just don't like those frightening snapshots that keep popping up for years to come at every family event. A well executed photo in a comfortable environment is something altogether different.

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Capturing the details of a product, especially a small and shiny one, is always a creative experience. Show all the intricacies in the most informative way possible, still allowing for creativity... all while not creating a self portrait of the photographer in the reflections.

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